How to recruit more easily through social networks?

Phoenix Consulting - Junior entreprise - 2020-02-09 00:56:39

Nowadays, social networks play a very important role in our personal and professional life. Social networks offer more opportunities for HR managers to find competent candidates, especially in the area of sourcing. The company will be able to target and have varied and multiple candidates. Similarly, social networks allow their users to keep an eye on candidates who have not published everything in their CVs or people who have not yet been interviewed thanks to the huge amount of information they have at their disposal. Hence the need to increase and improve recruitment methods, especially on social networks, while basing them on the candidate's social profile. This is why candidates must follow certain rules to have an online profile that attracts HR managers and recruiters in particular. First of all, you must always be careful about what you publish. For example, your content must not be negative and it can influence your brand. Moreover, the smart candidate is always located on professional social networks. For example LinkedIn, Viadeo, Facebook,... where your strong points, your qualities,... are highlighted. Candidates must also regularly follow and control the information that appears about them. However, recruiters also need to have certain rules to maximize the number of candidates. Like all company tasks, recruitment on the internet requires the implementation of a brand marketing strategy, which the company must create and put forward its image: its qualities, its environment, its working conditions, its news, ... In order to constantly attract profiles and optimize the visibility of its brand. It can also ensure pride among its employees and guarantee the real motivation of applicants. Recruiters must also write precisely the right description of the requested position without forgetting anything that must be simple and well-determined which contains for example the salary, the location, the working mode as well as the working hours, ... So that the particular candidate you are expecting will have confidence in you. Also, one of the most important thing is always to answer the candidate's questions quickly and professionally to show the positive image of the team and the recruiter to encourage more candidates to apply for the requested position. Your answers must be precise and simple that answer exactly the questions asked. These answers not only for my questions but also when the candidate applies, whether you are interested in their application or not, you must show them that their application has been received and thank them. When the candidate applies you can ask him to send you a short simple video on the smartphone to explain his motivation and here you can immediately understand his personality. The help of this technological revolution and the evolution of the Internet brings advantages: For example, the visibility of the company's brand on Facebook, with more than 1.8 billion subscribers so far. Even more, ease of use seems to be the most important benefit. Some companies suffer from lack of space and time, so posting a job on a job posting saves time and space. For candidates also the use of social networks is even simpler and faster with just one click and their application will be applied for. We can also talk about the fact that social networks make it possible to quickly identify and understand the candidate's profile without having direct contact with him/her. Moreover, social networks seem to be a tool that allows greater autonomy when a company does not need a recruitment agency, it can manage its recruitment campaign itself. In conclusion, today's world offers us ease of use but this advantage must be used intelligently so if you are going to recruit candidates on social networks, don't forget to follow certain codes.