12 Rituals To Success Proposed By Joe Hinchliffe

Phoenix Consulting - Junior entreprise - 2020-03-29 16:05:39

You've probably already heard about habits. They are actions or thoughts that we perform regularly, often automatically, unconsciously. Unlike a habit, a ritual is performed deliberately, with intention and concentration. It is when we choose our habits that they become rituals. The 12 rituals proposed by Joe Hinchliffe in his book: "Success Rituals for Everyone" are simple and allow us to take the right habits to achieve our projects and, ultimately, be satisfied with our lives. Although they are simple and easy to implement, they require time, determination and a deep desire to carry them out. If you decide to integrate them into your daily life, the necessary investment will be more than repaid by the benefits you will derive from them. Here are the 12 rituals proposed by the author: 1. Wake up early: when you wake up, your mind is clear and creative, since it has not yet had to deal with the difficulties or unexpected events of the day. 2. Eliminate television and news: The human mind is like a garden: it is the seeds sown and watered that grow. Stopping watching television and news eliminates an important source of negative thoughts. 3. Objectives and to-do list: Writing and rereading objectives helps focus our conscious and unconscious mind on priorities. In addition, writing down things to do during the day enhances efficiency. 4. Eat well and stay in shape: It is impossible to ensure good intellectual performance in an unhealthy body. Make sure you have fun and be understanding for small mistakes. 5. Cultivate a hobby: it improves your breaks, helps you to stay focused on the moment and helps you to meet new people. 6. Eliminate procrastination: Procrastination is a natural human tendency. At the same time, doing our best to accomplish our tasks makes us feel good, whatever the outcome. 7. Reading: Reading for 30 minutes a day allows us to benefit from the experience and knowledge of the greatest men and women in history. Regular reading of educational and inspiring content will help you become a different and better person. 8. Keeping a journal: Getting ideas out of our minds allows us to achieve greater calm and clarity; tracking our progress over time and capitalizing on our successes and mistakes becomes simple. 9. Accepting criticism: often the first reaction to a negative comment is to feel hurt, to resent the person who made it. In reality, this is a precious gift, helping us to identify our weaknesses and how others perceive us. 10. Meditate: even if you have never done it and are skeptical, try it! Meditation has many benefits: better sleep, a calmer mind, a better perspective on your daily problems. 11. Helping others: many people see life as a pyramid, with those at the bottom serving those at the top. It is only after they have been chasing money, fame or power for a long time that they realize that their pyramid is upside down. 12. Acting outside your comfort zone: It is only by trying new things, new experiences that we can grow. But to do so, we must allow ourselves the right to make mistakes.