Entrepreneurship as a remedy for youth unemployment

Phoenix Consulting - Junior entreprise - 2020-02-02 16:00:13

Unemployment is a pervasive phenomenon, many young graduates suffer from this phenomenon despite their level of education and are looking for work. The entrepreneur can play a very important role in reducing this phenomenon by setting up his or her own business. Definition of the Entrepreneur: An entrepreneur is a natural person who takes the incentive to create a project or business in which he uses all financial and human resources and takes the risk to achieve and realize a number of economic objectives. Any person can create and launch his own project without necessarily being a technician specialized in the field but to become an entrepreneur the person must have certain talents. What are the talents of an entrepreneur? To launch a project the person needs a will and a very high managerial capacity because it is not easy to take responsibility for a company. The will is an essential character of the entrepreneur because he will pass many obstacles, he must not give up and he must have a strong personality to go beyond the limits and for his project to continue to exist. A high managerial capacity directs the company to achieve its goals, the entrepreneur must act and direct his project correctly to create a strong company. The entrepreneur also needs to have a high capacity of creativity, that is to say a broad imagination that helps him to overcome all obstacles and problems in an original and unique way that allows him to improve his company and achieve his goals. Among the criteria of the entrepreneur is also leadership, which can be defined as the ability of an individual to lead and lead other individuals or organizations. The entrepreneur must then be a leader and must be able to guide, influence and direct others. With these talents, the entrepreneur needs great motivation and a great material and moral investment. The greater the investment, the greater the possibility of a successful project or business. How can the entrepreneur deal with unemployment? The role of the entrepreneur in reducing unemployment : First of all, anyone who has specific skills and talents can start a project and can create a business. By creating the business, even if it is small, there is job creation for many of the young people because they have skills and abilities that can take the business to the top. So the entrepreneur can play an important role in reducing unemployment. So young people have a broad capacity for imagination and a very strong personality and they have all the criteria to become entrepreneurs and to start their own business. The majority of young people cannot work under someone, they can be self-employed and this can be said to be one of the causes of unemployment. The analysis of the profile of the entrepreneurs shows that they manage to create even when they are unemployed, that is to say, despite being unemployed, they have the ability to create a business that can decrease the unemployment rate and can be a place of employment for many of the unemployed young people. Entrepreneurship is one of the best solutions for unemployment, young people must act with a little help and training, they can go beyond the limits and they have the ability to lead their project and take it to the top.