The Junior Enterprise Movement: the added value of a junior entrepreneur

Phoenix Consulting - Junior entreprise - 2020-02-16 14:21:15

Since its inception in 1960, the junior enterprise movement has developed first in France, which will later expand around the world to become an international movement and to give students the chance to broaden and develop their skills and talents for the benefit of companies that offer them competent services. In Tunisia the first Junior Enterprise took place in 2006 and which gives the opportunity until today to 37 junior enterprise, which include about 2500 junior entrepreneur, among them Phoenix Consulting Junior Enterprise. What is a Junior Enterprise? First of all we start to define a Junior Enterprise as an association created purely by students calling "Junior Entrepreneurs" from their own will. It is a non-profit structure which has both an economic and pedagogical vocation which is only open in a university or school. A company wants to have a talented and different work compared to the competitors, they call upon a junior enterprise to carry out a business plan or market study well detailed and developed. In addition, a Junior Entrepreneur benefits from professional experience to the students. The added value of the Junior Enterprise movement: Everybody knew that a Junior Entrepreneur guarantees an added value not like other young students thanks to this huge movement. This added value is based on two main axes: personal and professional. ● On the personal side: There is no denying that being part of an association, but any association, is an excellent way of enriching oneself on a personal level. It's the fact of learning a lot from friends who you don't know and who afterwards will be your second family ,to overcome your shyness and to learn to share the ideas of a well determined work in a team and to be more organized and respectful. Also this participation allows you to have more self-confidence. This movement allows you to improve your skills and overcome your shortcomings. ● On the professional side : In a determined university, we all have the same courses, the same approaches but we don't all have the same way of reacting. Universities don't give you the opportunity to practice what you study to improve your CV and to succeed in your job interviews but Junior Entreprise gives you this chance and JE takes your thoughts into consideration and helps you to improve them. In this case, young entrepreneurs become able to intervene in business issues, in the same way that a consulting firm on several in several areas such as marketing, wab, financial, economic, engineering, .... Finally, I appeal to students who want to change their lives and who want to improve their skills in several areas to participate in junior companies.