Satisfaction Survey: Online Survey VS Traditional Survey?

Phoenix Consulting - Junior entreprise - 2020-05-25 20:01:16

The satisfaction survey is a marketing survey with the objective of measuring customer satisfaction and analysing the factors that affect the level of this satisfaction. It is a valuable tool for managing the customer experience and preventing attrition, although the relationship between satisfaction and loyalty is far from being a linear one. ONLINE or TRADITIONAL satisfaction survey? In recent years, there has been a strong development in the use of online surveys for customer satisfaction studies. With the development of the internet and its accessibility, the online survey solution is finding its place within companies. But what are the real advantages of an online survey compared to a traditional survey?What resources do companies have to implement for an online survey solution? Online surveys: EASY AND QUICK TO INSTALL After having defined the objectives of your customer satisfaction survey in advance, you will proceed with the online launch of your online survey. Contrary to a traditional survey, an online survey offers you multiple advantages, especially in terms of the construction of an online customer satisfaction questionnaire, its administration and the processing of the results of the online survey. An online survey solution offers you : -Ease of implementation: with online survey software, such as Sharing Data, you can easily build your online customer satisfaction questionnaire. -The possibility of using interactive media: nowadays, thanks to digital media, videos or other multimedia supports can be incorporated into an online survey questionnaire to revitalize the interview. -Speed of creation: in just a few clicks, your online customer satisfaction questionnaire is available and ready to use. THE QUALITY OF THE RESULTS OF YOUR ONLINE SURVEY SOLUTION: Another aspect that is crucial for an online survey is the reliability and relevance of the results obtained over a given period of time. An online survey solution commits to : A large sample: it is estimated that 72% of French people are Internet subscribers. The sample of an online survey is therefore large. The accuracy of the results: the decrease in the number of intermediaries during data processing limits errors. Moreover, respondents, from their homes, generally submit more sincere answers. The online survey solution therefore offers more qualitative results. THE DIRECT ADVANTAGES OF AN ONLINE SURVEY FOR COMPANIES: -A real reduction in costs: an online survey is less expensive than a traditional survey (fewer intermediaries, lower overheads, etc.). Security and confidentiality: like the online survey solution Sharing Data, company data remains confidential and protected on specialized servers. -Accessibility: 24/7 for total freedom of access to the data from your studies and documents (online customer satisfaction questionnaires, results, etc.). -As we have seen, the online survey solution has many advantages over a traditional survey. Read more about our online survey solution Sharing Data. THE BEST TOOLS to carry out your surveys: In order to efficiently collect your customers' impressions, opinions and level of satisfaction, several tools can help you. 1/SurveyMonkey: SurveyMonkey is a survey tool that allows you to truly stay in touch with your customers, collecting their opinions and feedback in minutes. 2/Google Forms: Google Forms helps you create an online questionnaire, collect your data and analyze it accurately. With Google Forms, you can customize your forms and enter your questions intuitively. Multiple-choice questions, linear scales, drop-down questions, open-ended questions - you can create a custom form, even from your mobile phone. 3/Drag'n Survey: Drag'n Survey allows you to create online surveys quickly and easily. In just a few clicks, you can distribute your market research, surveys and polls. Yes/No questions, multiple choice questions, scoring, free questions, rankings: you create the survey that precisely meets your expectations. 4/Eval&Go: Thanks to Eval&Go, you can create online questionnaires using a multitude of templates. Events, marketing, human resources, satisfaction: these themes allow you to question your customers, prospects and employees to easily understand which paths to follow and which decisions to take. 5/Typeforms: Typeforms is a tool that allows you to create engaging surveys for your audience. The forms are designed to be perfectly ergonomic, to facilitate the collection of data from customers.