The Good Management Of A Company

Phoenix Consulting - Junior entreprise - 2020-03-29 16:05:01

A business is an entity that produces goods or services using different resources to be marketed for profit. The management of a business requires a great deal of knowledge and rigour to achieve good results and to reach objectives. Definition of the management of a company : The management of a company consists of putting in place all the essential and necessary resources to achieve the company's objectives within a defined political framework. Management consists of four essential phases: ● Planning: allows to set the objectives of the company and to determine the missions of each employee. ● Execution and realization: This is the concrete implementation of the planned elements. ● Measurement and control: in order to validate the success of an action, to make assessments and to monitor the implementation of the various actions. ● Action and reaction: to quickly establish corrections if the situation requires it. The main areas of the company that allow good management in different sectors to be distinguished are : ● The marketing and communication section ● The accounting and financial section ● The production component ● Staff and human resources The rules for an efficient organization of a company : Establish a marketing strategy: Each company offers its products and services to specific targets called customers. Whatever the sector of activity, it needs contact with its customers in order to sell its products. The marketing strategy increases and enlarges the image and visibility which increases the market on which it makes its offer. These strategies is more important in the commercial enterprise to be able to sell its products. Moreover, internal communication is also essential for the company's performance because each employee must know his tasks in order to speed up all processes. Follow the accounting and the evolution of the company: Business accounting is a crucial element for the economic health and survival of a company. Efficient accounting management is very important for the development of the company and its continuity. Monitoring the functioning and evolution of the business is also a useful task to ensure that its objectives are met. Moreover, monthly, quarterly and annual balance sheets are indispensable for monitoring the evolution of the company. These different results lead to decision-making. Knowing all the news of its activity: Information is the most important thing in a company. It is essential to know all the news and collect all the information to adapt its strategies and make effective forecasts for the future. The company must anticipate all changes in the market or, failing that, be informed immediately of all news to be able to react and avoid losses. The flexibility of the company is a competitive advantage that allows the company to achieve its objectives in an efficient way. The management of human resources: Personnel management is a very important task in a company. The quality and efficiency of a company's production is highly dependent on the energy and quality of its staff. The human resources department is specialized in identifying the needs of the recruiting company and the employees. To ensure effective management, the working conditions of a company's staff are essential to have a significant impact on the quality and quantity of production. For an increase in turnover, it is important to have an efficient and effective human resources department and to have motivated and quality workers.