Digital influence: The power of influencer marketing

Phoenix Consulting - Junior entreprise - 2020-01-19 17:55:35

Our world is the world where technological evolution and the evolution of the Internet is dominating and giving young people the chance to influence or be influenced, we talk about the influencer. This magic word reflects many things. Nowadays, consumers like products and brands but they don't like their advertisements anymore and especially the advertisements that are repeated on TV and this can even negatively influence the existence of that product but every problem has solutions and this is where the influencer and influence marketing comes in. This is one of the best methods for companies who are looking to earn more by exploiting the internet. First of all what is an influencer in marketing? "Influencer" this huge word can be used in many different contexts. They are existing personalities in the web, perhaps physical or moral, who have managed to connect with a specific community and even create an environment of engagement and trust with it. So the influencer is an individual, not necessarily a star or celebrity, who through his power and media capacity can influence consumer behavior in a given universe. We are therefore talking about a new brand influencer who has become indispensable in communication strategies. It is thanks to him that many companies and brands can considerably develop and increase their sales capacity for a limited period of time. What is Influence Marketing ? Influence marketing refers to the techniques and procedures that use a company to refer to one or more leaders who are influencers or bloggers and use their power of recommendation or their ability to prescribe. Therefore, influence marketing targets especially the active members "followers" of the influencers. Influence marketing platforms: We can't talk about influencers without talking about the platform used and especially the one most used by consumers. It is a tool that connects brands and these influencer targets, we talk about social networks. It is thanks to its simplicity and ease of access that we find a large number of brands from its birth. We can therefore take into account the following order: "Facebook" which represents the king of the list after "Twitter" for young people between 20 and 40 years old. Then we can't deny the "Instagram" which is known by its large number of communities around each user, especially influencers and their fans. and the Blogs on "YouTube" which is, nowadays, an excellent choice to influence. Only one influencer is active in at least 5 different platforms. But for a company choosing an influencer is not simple enough. It relies on certain qualities. We can talk about the profile of the community. An influencer is not only a person who represents a large number of fans, before choosing him you must first see if he has similar content to yours. You also have to take into account the profile of the fans because you have to be exactly similar to your target such as age, interests, preferences, gender, etc... Age is not only relevant for fans but also for influencers to choose the most used platform. For example, influencers and their older fans prefer LinkedIn. On the other hand, young people, between 20-30 years old, are presented on Instagram as their favorite media. Finally, teenage influencers are omnipresent on Snapchat and Facebook. So once you have chosen the influencer according to your criteria, you need to get in touch with him/her. For example, you can give him a specific code of remuneration for his fans on a product or service. You can also offer him a free trip. It depends on the given product or service but also depends on the intelligence of the influencer to be influenced. The advantages of influence marketing : We can talk about several points of view, the most important of which is the economic point of view. Therefore, the usefulness of an influencer is very efficient and profitable compared to the use of classical communications. From a technical point of view, the use of influencers increases the use and referencing of websites as a result of online sales. What level can the influencer reach in the future? The number of influencers is increasing very fast - you just have to be young, very well known and existing in social networks. Taking the study made in 2017 we find that 47% of influencers are used by brands. This represents the huge need of influencers and especially influence marketing to earn more money and faster.