A Junior Enterprise that brings out the creativity of young people

Phoenix Consulting - Junior entreprise - 2020-01-05 14:20:46

What is a Junior Enterprise? A Junior Enterprise is an economic association, non-profit organization which is formed entirely by young students. It is a consulting firm each group offers various services depending on the specialty of its institution, this entity helps young students to put into practice its studies by carrying out projects on behalf of various customers: entrepreneur, VSE, SME ... In Tunisia, "JET" is the confederation of the Junior Enterprises. Its mission is to accompany and guide junior enterprises in their work and training. It was founded in 2012 with 4 junior enterprises until reaching 37 in 2019. Definition of Creativity: Creativity is synonymous with imagination, it's a positive and original idea to solve a problem. Faced with a problem to be solved there are two ways to react, either by letting it grow and suffer the consequences or by using all the resources to look for a solution that allows to pass all the obstacles, it is the creative person. Creativity does not depend on your professional background or your level of education. Anyone can be in the category of creative people by using his ability to imagine and create new original concepts. For a better way to react, junior enterprise offers its members a great vision for a correct reaction that can solve the problem. The extraction of creativity from the students: The main mission of junior enterprise is to exploit the creativity of young people and give them a professional experience in the field of their theoretical teachings which gives the student a wide field to bring out his ability to react and realize projects using his studies in his institution. Young people have a wide capacity to imagine and find original solutions to problems but they do not know how to react. Junior enterprise allows him to exploit his skills and to bring out his creativity. With the integration within junior enterprise, students can make transactions with various customers (Entrepreneur, Startup, SME, Association ... ) in various fields (Engineering, business and management, design ... ) and allows the improvement of power to act in these cases. The Junior Enterprise offers an experience that helps to improve the capacity of analysis and synthesis, with these abilities the student can determine the most effective idea against a certain problem. Also, young people can exceed their knowledge and can create new concepts using the experience obtained with a little imagination and creation. Creativity requires a long free time, this is the first obstacle to express the creativity of young people, with the integration in this entity the student can balance between the time spent on his studies and the free time he uses to express his creativity. To sum up, practicing creative activities is one of the best ways to express the creativity of young people. In Junior Enterprise all the activities practiced are creative activities and for this reason the best way to bring out the creativity of a student is to integrate him/her in junior enterprise to better exploit his/her creativity and for more original and creative ideas.